Krka National Park – WOW!

Do not miss this spot if you are in Croatia!! About an hour from either Split or Zadar, and 10 km from Sibenik.  Hopefully my photos so if some justice!

Having a hire car was handy, as it avoided us having to do an organised day trip and we were able to travel and visit the park at our leisure.  However, clearly the organised trips know exactly where the best bits are and we didn’t!

I had only planned on visiting the main waterfall, not really grasping the sheer size of the park and so we ended up starting off at Roski Slap by chance, which was lovely, but I knew not the ‘main attraction’.

We spent a bit of time here and it was stunning and came across ‘Legendfest‘, an event aimed at children and based around local legends and fairies etc. For full details just click here as this is an annual event. Legendfest


We bought a full park ticket (the staff advised this, though if you just want to go to the main waterfalls there is a cheaper entrance fee so be careful)  which is worth it if you visit the full park – though I have to admit we didn’t…..oops!  For details on tickets and the park check out  Tickets

After Roski Slap we went on to Shradinski Buk ….. this is what I would call the main event!  You need to park in Shradinski and walk to the boat.  There are lots of car parks as you enter the small town of Shradinksi, just be careful with price, we parked beside the main marina and it wasn’t expensive.

There is a beautiful boat trip up river that drops everyone to Shradinski Buk,  and then it’s another boat that takes you on up the river to the Monastery etc.

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The waterfalls are just breathtaking and it’s definitely worth walking up the steps as there are a series of cascading falls, as well as a few market stalls with local crafts and produce.

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The water is lovely to swim in, though do be aware there is a strong current particularly near the bridge.  It’s very rocky too so water shoes are again needed if you don’t want your feet ripped to shreds!  Some food and drink stalls beside the falls and a huge grassy area where you could even bring a picnic too.

Fabulous day out ….. and I’m sure the monastery is stunning too ….. we’ll just have to come back and do that the next time!

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